About Synchro

Synchronized swimming is a unique sport that combines a variety of athletic disciplines including swimming, dance, and gymnastics. It involves swimmers (solos, duets, trios, combos or teams) performing an elaborate synchronized routine that is choreographed to music. This demanding sport requires excellent water skills including breath control, strength, flexibility, grace, musicality, artistry, timing, and endurance. This sport is also unique as swimmers compete individually and as a team. The swimmers individual marks during compulsory figures are then combined with the team’s results for a combined “championship” score that determines their team’s final placement. This combination of both individual and team performance included in the overall team’s final score is very unique in sport. Synchronized swimming is a sport that requires the athlete to have the strength of a weight lifter, the endurance of a competitive swimmer, the precision of a diver, the flexibility of a gymnast and the finesse and grace of a ballerina. The end product is a performance that the spectator can truly appreciate!


Mini Synchro:

The mini synchro program is for ages 3-5 who love the water and want a swimming experience different from traditional swimming lessons. It incorporates water fun while also teaching some basic synchro skills.

Learn to Synchro:

The goal of the pre-competitive program is to introduce swimmers to Synchronized Swimming and develop skills that will prepare them for the competitive program. Swimmers will learn basic sculling skills, synchro positions, as well as a routine that they will perform at the year-end Water Show. Swimmers may try out the pre-competitive program at any time during the swim season. The only pre-requisite is that swimmers must be able to swim a 1/2 length of the pool on their own and be comfortable in deep water. The recommended age is 6-9 years old.

Pre 10&Under program:

This program is for those swimmers that would like to move past the Learn to Synchro program but are not ready to commit to a competitive team. This program gives swimmers the opportunity to improve their skills, be part of a team, have extra training time (approx. 4 hours a week total), and compete in some local competitions. The only pre-requisite is that swimmers must be able to swim a full length of the pool and be comfortable in deep water. The recommended age is 6 – 9 years old. Swimmers cannot join the Pre 10&Under program if they would fall into the 11-12 age category for the next competitive year. They must be of age to transition to Competitive 10&Under the next season.


Wildrose Provincial Age Group (PAC) Program

Athletes in the Wildrose program compete at a provincial level and train 8 to 10 hours a week, beginning in September and finishing in May/June. The program consists of 3 age categories where skills become increasingly more challenging as they move up. Swimmers develop their figures skills, strength and flexibility, and practice a team routine for competitions. Swimmers will get the opportunity to compete in approximately 4 to 5 regional and provincial competitions throughout the season.

The age categories include: 10 & Under, 11-12, and 13-15. The age category that a swimmer falls into depends on the age that they turn in the competitive season, which is considered to be Jan 1 – Dec 31.

2015 Competitive Season:
10 & Under – born in 2006-present
11- 12 – born in 2004 - 2005                                                                          Novice - born 2003 or earlier AND swimmer's 1st year Competitive
13 – 15 – born in 2001-2003

2016 Competitive Season:
10 & Under – born in 2007-present
11-12 – born in 2005-2006                                                                           Novice - born 2005 or earlier AND swimmer's 1st year Competitive
13-15 – born in 2002-2004

National Age Group (NAG) Program:

Athletes in the National Age group program will compete provincially and nationally. Swimmers spend 10 hours a week training in the pool and 2-3 hours a week in strength and flexibility. The program begins in September and finishes in June. At this level, athletes are very skilled and will compete in 4 to 5 competitions. Athletes may get the opportunity to travel to different locations across Canada. A minimum of one week of the summer camp is mandatory for any swimmers wanting to participate in the NAG program. This camp always runs the last two weeks of August each summer. NAG swimmers are also required to attend a training camp each season, usually held sometime in the competitive season.

The age categories for NAG are 13-15, Juniors, and Seniors are as follows:

2015 Competitive Season:
13 – 15 – those born in 2001-2003
Juniors – those born in 1998-2001
Seniors – those born in 2001 & prior

2016 Competitive Season:
13-15 – those born in 2002-2004
Juniors – those born in 1999-2002
Seniors – those born in 2002 & prior

Killarney Synchro selected for the Synchro Canada Club Excellence Program

Synchro Canada selected 15 clubs for their 2014 Club Excellence Program. Killarney Synchro was awarded the silver club category and will receive a grant of $750. We are very excited to have received this award for the second year in a row and would like to offer our sincere thanks to Glenda Cacic for her remarkable work in putting together our application for this program again this year.

Synchro Canada’s Club Excellence Program was created in 2009 to recognize the work of the clubs contributing to the pride Synchro Canada shows to the world in Canadian synchronized swimming. While respecting a holistic approach in club success and development, the specific needs of each club that apply for the program, Synchro Canada reviews various criteria in four categories: Business & Organizational Success, Parent & Volunteer Development, Coach Development & Education and Athlete Development & Performance. Clubs that successfully achieve the required points in each category are awarded either Gold, Silver or Bronze status.